Single Clean / 1C

planned facility maintenance or immediate response
  • Facilities management
  • Emergency spills
  • Flexible frequency
Our consultative approach
meets any client need

Kearney & Associates offer the single clean, or 1C, to assure your facility is always in top-notch condition with this planned maintenance program.

Our team leader will meet with the facilities manager, when available, on the day of the cleaning to inspect the room, ascertain what items need to be addressed, and determine a plan of action. If no one is available, we will then proceed to clean the areas we see that need to be cleaned.

Typically, we will spot clean the facility and take care of any problem areas. If notified, we can also come in on short notice to assist with any emergency spills on or under the floor; in most cases we can usually respond within a couple of hours.

We recommend the Single Clean as frequently as needed to maintain the facility with some of our larger clients requesting this type of cleaning weekly.

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