a one-time application with lasting value
  • Thorough Under-Floor Cleaning
  • Cables Lifted And Braced
  • Diluted First Coat
  • Full Strength Finishing Coat
The greatest value for
environmental control

The fine gritty dust that continuously spalls off the concrete under-floor is a genuine threat to the electronics the populate data centers.

Encapsulation is a one-time expense that is probably the greatest value per dollar for environmental control in a data center. This complex process involves creating a protective, glysol-based sealing between your subfloor and the rest of the room and its components to protect against fine grit that cannot be picked up.

Encapsulation consists of a diluted penetrating first coat of paint, followed by a full strength finishing coat that permanently seals and locks down the fine concrete dust. Given that we use beige paint for this work, there is at least one reflective surface under the floor for those who are engaged in tracing cables.

Encapsulation starts with a thorough under-floor cleaning. While this is being done the cable and pipe routing under the floor is being assessed. From this assessment a tile-picking plan is developed that will provide safe pathways for associate traffic and paint supply distribution. Then the cables are carefully lifted and braced so the sub-floor surface is clear for the first coat of paint.

This lifting and bracing of cables is an art and only done by experienced associates using tools and techniques specific for this purpose. The first coat is then comprehensively applied and allowed to dry.

The second full strength coat is then applied and allowed to dry. When the sub-floor is dry, the cables are carefully lowered, and the floor tiles replaced. Lastly, the raised tile surface is thoroughly cleaned, and the room is ready to go.

This is typically a one-time application.

Single Double Triple Custom Encapsulated Waxing
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